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1. With 1.5mm thickness square tube and 3mm optimized motor housing design for extra strength and stability.

2. The tube is no hole design

3. The single column max load capacity: 800N

4. Fit with JCB35N series Jiecang control boxes to realize max speed 32mm/s

5. Low noise level <50dB

6. Max. Bending moment:150N.m

7. Standard installation length: 650mm

8. Standard stroke length: 500mm

9. Outer tube size: 65×65mm of square shape

10. Motor housing dimension: 190x96x48mm

11. Motor: Jiecang design high power motor

12. Hall sensor enabling parallel drive

13. Surface: Powder coating with standard color: White (RAL9016), Black (RAL9005), Grey (RAL7045)

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